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Become a better driver with instruction from Community Driving School (CDS), a DMV certified driver education school and driver improvement clinic for teenagers and adults. CDS offers the American Automobile Association’s Driver Improvement Program. This course teaches you how to navigate the road safely and covers a wide range of current highway safety driving topics.  Drivers who are DMV-directed or Court-ordered can take this 8 hour class to meet those requirements.  Drivers who are interested in earning up to 5 Safe Driving Points can also take this class on a voluntary basis. Please click here or scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of the reasons for taking a Driver Improvement class. This class does not re-establish eligibility for 3-time test failures.

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Driver Improvement Clinic Calendars for Community Driving Schools in Powhatan & Midlothian & Goochland

August 2020

September 2020

Reasons for Attending a Driver Improvement Clinic - Descriptions and Points Qualifications


Corona Virus Screening Questions

Applies to all courses

March 16, 2020

Given the heightened state of concern for transmission of the Corona Virus and the risks of close proximity between students and instructors, we have developed a screening questionnaire to assess risk.  Your cooperation is needed to avoid manage risk.  If you cannot answer these questions or provide answers that indicate high risk levels, we will deny service.

1.       Are you and members of your household feeling well?

2.       Have you developed a fever, cough, breathing difficulty, or muscle aches in the past 2 weeks?

3.       Have you or a family member visited a healthcare facility or nursing home in the past 2 weeks?

4.       Have you been near a person who has a confirmed case of Corona virus infection?

5.       Are there any healthcare workers living in your household?

6.       Have any friends or family in your immediate orbit put themselves in voluntary or involuntary isolation/quarantine?

7.       Did you have contact with anyone who has been out of the state in the past 2 weeks?

8.       Are you currently following CDC recommendations of social distancing of 6 feet?

9.       Are you taking reasonable precautions to reduce virus transmission?  Frequent handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, covering for coughing/sneezing, social distancing, avoiding face touches, handshakes, and hugs, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces?