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Behind the Wheel Overview


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All students must be in good health and wear a facemask, covering mouth and nose, at all times while inside the car.   

The safety and well-being of our instructors, students, and our families is of the highest importance to us.  We rely on guidance from the CDC and VA Dept of Public Health to ensure the health and welfare of our students and staff within the confines of a car.   

We will continue to monitor public health conditions and will make policy adjustments to manage risk if public health conditions were to worsen.  


Community Driving School (CDS) offers driver's education program for teens to get a driver’s license. CDS works along side all education outlets, private, public, and home schools, to provide driver’s education instruction not available otherwise. CDS provides the Virginia State Driver's Ed curriculum that consists of 30 hours of Classroom course work and 14 periods of Behind the Wheel (7 periods of actual driving and 7 periods of observation). Driver’s Ed is offerred at our driving schools located in Powhatan, Midlothian, and Goochland. The Classroom and the Behind-The-Wheel Driver Education segments are offered together and separately. 

Behind the Wheel can be taken after successfully completing the 30 hr Driver's Ed Classroom course at a DMV approved commercial, private, public, on-line, or home school edcuation outlet.  The 30 hour Driver's Ed Classroom Course Completion Certificate is needed to begin Behind the Wheel. Behind the Wheel is done in CDS vehicles equipped for Behind the Wheel, inspected and approved by DMV, and insured appropriately for this purpose.

A Learner’s Permit is needed to begin the Behind-the-Wheel segment along with the Classroom segment completion. Students who are 15 years and 6 months old can apply for a Learners Permit at DMV. We encourage teens to get their Learners Permit as soon as they can, even if they intend to take a while to meet the driver training requirements. We also ask that the student drive with family and friends and fully complete the 45-hour driving log before taking Behind the Wheel.

Upon successful completion of Behind the Wheel, CDS will issue a 180-Day Virginia Temporary Drivers License to a new driver who meets the driving and age requirements set forth in the Virginia State Code.  The 4 requirements for licensing include completing the 45 hour driving log (30 daytime-15 nighttime) holding the Learner's Permit for 9 months, and the Classroom and Behind the Wheel Driver's Ed components.

Behind the Wheel Requirements

Community Driving School offers Driver Education - In Car Instruction to teens who:
• holds a valid Virginia Learner's Permit,
• has completed the 30 hour Driver Education Classroom course and provide the school completion certificate,
• has completed the 45 hour driving log, and
• is under 18 years of age. (if 18 and older, please see the Adult Behind the Wheel section below)

Driving Times

Our Behind the Wheel program consists of 7 50-minute driving periods and 7 50-minute observation periods as specified by DMV regulations. Driving schedules are based on student & instructor availability and are set for Monday through Friday during daylight hours. Saturday and Sunday driving is not normally available.

Pick-up & Drop-off Locations

Pick-up and drop-off is available at select high schools, retail locations, or at our Community Driving Schools in Powhatan, Midlothian, and Goochland.

Adult Behind the Wheel

For adults, age 18 and older, Behind the Wheel is offered at the CVS-Westchester Commons meeting point. Adults must be paired with other adults and the format of 7 drives and 7 observations is the same as that offered to teen drivers.  We furnish the Behind the Wheel vehicle and upon successful completion, we issue a DMV Waiver document which waives the DMV Road Skills Test and Learner's Permit holding requirement.  Taking this document to DMV will result in them issuing a Driver's License.

To take Adult Behind the Wheel, the Virginia Learner's Permit and 45 hours of written logged driving experience requirements apply and the Driver's Ed 30 hour Classroom Course completion certificate must be furnished.  If the classroom course was taken in high school, the transcript records should be available in the school's archives so enabling the acquisition of the certificate even if it was taken several years ago.

Private Driving Lessons

We offer Private Driving Lessons to teens and adults who are preparing for the DMV Road Skills Test or for the Behind the Wheel program.  Lessons are offerred on weekdays during school hours.  Little or no driving experience is required, however a valid Virginia Learner's Permit is needed.  Transportation is available and is charged based on a round trip from our nearest office at the lesson per minute rate.  Lessons last 50 minutes and can be purchased on a day-to-day basis.  To support flexibility, there are no minimum or maximum lesson commitments.  Please contact us for scheduling information.  In high peak conditions we may be unable to offer private lessons.  This usually occurs in the summer.


Behind the Wheel Preregistration Form

 The following form should be completed and submitted before registering for Behind the Wheel sessions. 

It will be used to set up a Behind the Wheel schedule.


Registration and Payment for Behind the Wheel

On-Line Registration

Students and instructors will wear facemasks during in-car sessions.

Students must be in good health.

Call us at 804-397-5550 or email us at to set up a Behind the Wheel

driving schedule before making a payment.

Note: Every effort is made to begin the driving course on the date desired as entered but scheduling is based on student/instructor availability during daylight hours.  Please note that if Behind the Wheel services cannot be rendered, a refund, less 3.5 %, will be issued.  

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