About Us


Community Driving School (CDS) became a member of the Powhatan and surrounding communities in 2010. Its mission is to be the local, accessible provider of driver education services to teens and adults who want to earn a driver's license and of driver improvement classes for licensed drivers who appreciate the privilege to drive and the associated financial responsibility that comes with it.

In our conduct of business, we make every effort to:

• Conduct Business Honestly
• Provide High-Quality Services at Reasonable Prices
• Treat Customers Fairly
• Maintain a High Standard of Safety, Trust, and Reliability

Since our business is largely based on personal references, we want every customer to be satisfied with our services. If their experience is positive, then we are successful, and the business grows. In 2013, Community Driving School opened locations in Midlothian and Goochland. As we expand, we still hold to our business values of honesty, quality, fairness, and integrity. If you are searching for a driving school or a driver improvement clinic, be assured that we will do our best to make you feel that choosing Community Driving School is clearly your best choice.


Refunds: Full and partial refunds will be considered prior to the completion of services rendered. In most cases that means until the class or training completion occurs, a prorated refund request will be honored. Requests for refunds should be made within 60 days of payment. Refunds will be made in the same mode as the original payment. Our contracts for driver education services stipulate time limitations for refund applicability. Inappropriate or unlawful conduct compromises the right to a refund.

Rescheduling Classes: We realize that unplanned events like sickness or family emergencies do occur. To ease the burden, we will make every effort to accommodate class re-scheduling. Generally, class rescheduling should be limited to another class within 60 days, however, we will do our best to honor all reasonable requests.

Class cancellation: When weather or environmental conditions necessitate, or when attendance projections fall below the minimum set level, we may opt to cancel or reschedule a class. As it pertains to weather, we usually (but not always) follow the county school or after-school closure decisions. Under these conditions, we will reschedule or initiate a refund. If a class fails to meet the minimum attendance level, we will contact all remaining students and offer them alternative date options, discounts, or refunds.

DMV Licensing: Please click these links to view our DMV licenses:  On-Line Driver Training School, Driver Improvement Clinic, Classroom and In-Car